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Video Tutorial: Making Chocolate Mud Masque

Fiona Anderson, a writer for Weekend Notes, recently reviewed my DIY Kits. You can see her preparing the Chocolate Mud Masque in the video below, which was kindly shot and edited by her partner David Bignell.

According to Fiona, "The Chocolate Mud Masque is truly a sensory experience, as it smells as good as it feels. I have quite sensitive skin, but there were no problems using the masque, and my skin felt smooth and fresh afterwards. And hey, anything that encourages you to slow down and relax for a few minutes is surely a good thing!"

Fiona shows how easy it is to make your own Chocolate Mud Masque with the Suburban Herbs DIY Kit. Thanks Fiona and David for making such an awesome video.

You can read Fiona's entire review here: Make Your Own Skin Care Products 

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