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Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to Suburban Herbs. I wanted to start this blog by telling you about myself and why I started this little business. 

I am a mother, a teacher, and I enjoy all kinds of home crafts. From gardening to knitting, from baking bread to fermenting yogurt, I want to learn how to do it!

One day, I went to my GP about a skin irritation. I fully expected him to prescribe me a medicated cream or a pill. Instead, he recommended a natural solution– coconut oil. He said I could get several brands at the pharmacy, but the normal stuff used in cooking was just as good.

Since I had a jar in my pantry, I thought I’d give it a go. After a couple treatments, the skin problem which I had been battling for years started to clear up! I couldn’t believe it.

I started researching other household products and plants that I could put to use. And thus, I discovered the world of home herbalism. I bought all the books I could find, and couldn’t wait to start making my own all-natural products….

But it was harder than I expected.

Courses were either too expensive or time-consuming. Books were informative but often overwhelming. I had difficulty gathering all the required ingredients and tools, and I wasn’t always 100% sure of what to buy.

Although I persevered and eventually developed a valuable skill, I wanted to make the journey easier for others like me - by offering everything you need in one easy-to-use kit.

And so I did -- Suburban Herbs!

I’m not a licensed herbalist, but neither are you! (probably…) The point is, we can both have fun making safe and effective herbal beauty and wellness products in our kitchens.

I hope you have as much fun discovering the world of herbs as I did. Enjoy.

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