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Equipment Guide

You don't need any fancy equipment to make herbal products at home! Usually, you will already have what you need in your kitchen.

Here is a list of what I like to use when making herbal preparations. 

Essential Equipment Guide

The Essentials:
1. Saucepan
You'll need a saucepan for most all herbal preparations, either create a decoction by boiling herbs in water, or as a base for a double boiler. My mom found me a set of copper ones in her attic which I love. I've also found this set to be durable and user-friendly.
2. Pyrex Bowl
Mixing bowls are a must-have, and Pyrex ones can be safely used as double boilers when infusing herbs as well! I scour thrift shops to find them used, but you can also buy them new
3. Mesh Strainer
Any time you are infusing herbs into an oil or decoction, you'll need to strain them out before bottling the finished product. I use this strainer every day for that purpose, lined with cheesecloth.
4. Wooden Spoon with Centre Hole
I prefer to keep my cooking and herbal preparation implements separate, and this wooden spoon that I found at a thrift store makes it easy for me to identify this stirring implement as herbal-specific. I use it for all my preparations, from balms to creams to masques.
5. Pyrex Measuring Jug
I started using Pyrex measuring jugs as a kid learning to bake with my mother. It was a mainstay of her kitchen, and is in mine as well. Pyrex means it will last forever, is heat resistant and dishwasher safe. It is useful for measuring liquid ingredients such as oils for balms and creams, as well as pouring herbal preparations into their final packaging. 
Other equipment you might want:
Cheesecloth - Our kits come with a square of cheesecloth to strain out fine particles from herbal preparations. You can also buy it from specialty shops. 
Measuring Cups and SpoonsFairly self-explanatory. Not all herbal preparations require specific measurements, but you may want to begin by following a recipe before you start throwing in a dash of this or a handful of that. 
Funnel - Pouring herbal oils and tinctures into small bottles can be messy and wasteful if you're clumsy like me. I often just use my Pyrex jug, but a small funnel can make the job easier. 
Whisk - This is needed for making a cream, when you are emulsifying water and oil together. Most kitchens have one already.
(Note - this page contains affiliate links, but all items are genuine recommendations by me.)