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Make your own calendula comfrey ointment
Ouch Ointment DIY Kit (makes 4 jars)
Ouch Ointment DIY Kit (makes 4 jars)
Ouch Ointment DIY Kit (makes 4 jars)
Ouch Ointment DIY Kit (makes 4 jars)
Ouch Ointment DIY Kit (makes 4 jars)

Ouch Ointment DIY Kit (makes 4 jars)

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Ouch Ointment DIY Kit

With Calendula to soothe irritated skin, and Comfrey to bind tissues together, this simple salve is the perfect first-aid standby. It can be applied to cuts, grazes, rashes, bug bites and all manner of minor skin irritations. It is gentle enough to soothe the mishaps of children and adults alike. Plus, it is simple to make!


  • Estimated prep time: 75 minutes
  • Recipe makes: 2 x 20mL jars.
  • Kit Box includes enough ingredients to make 2 batches.
  • The completed Ointment will store for up to 6 months in a cupboard.
  • Contains no plastic packaging - all packaging is reusable glass or compostable wood products.


  • Instruction booklet, including step-by-step instructions, how to use and store your Ointment safely, ideas to customise your product, and suggestions for leftover ingredients.
  • Organic Dried Calendula Flower (5g)
  • Organic Dried Comfrey Leaf (15g)
  • Organic Beeswax Beads (15g)
  • Apricot Kernel Oil (100mL)
  • 1 x Cheesecloth
  • 2 x 20mL Jars
  • 4 x Product Labels (2 front, 2 back)

If you’d like to make your own natural products, learn about herbal remedies, and rely less on pharmacy drugs, then give this kit a try. It makes a great kitchen science experiment for kids too!

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